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Bodenstrung™ Tennis Racket
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Tennis Stringing Kit
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EZ Spin® Tennis Stringing Kit Animation
Patent No. 5,707,306

Promotes control over power to bring back the all-court game
More fun to watch by all fans
Less elbow shock for all players
Some day all rackets will be strung this way†


As one of the few American manufacturers specializing in products for active seniors, Odyssey Mfg. presents the improved Bodenstrung™ Tennis Stringing Kit and Racket. First, let us tell you what it's NOT. It's not just a rehash of the famous (infamous) 'spaghetti' stringing. This is much easier to string and provides a fully predictable ball response. It's mainly designed to make the game more fun and accessible for active senior recreational players by making it easier to put spin (especially topspin) on the ball and simultaneously reduce shock to the elbow. This cannot be achieved by simply lowering the tension in a conventional stringing job, because the trampoline-effect takes over, thereby causing loss of control. (However, because today's professional tennis has been reduced to either a 'slam-bam, thank-you-mam' or backcourt game, thereby compromising its popularity, installing the Bodenstrung stringing in today's powerful frames could bring back the all-court game of strategy and finesse; stay tuned...)

You can either have your local professional stringer install our kit in your racket or just buy our very maneuverable mid-plus hi-tech frame with our kit pre-installed for you. The Bodenstrung Tennis Stringing Kit includes hi-tech tennis string, low-profile shock tubing, and easy illustrated instructions. While the hitting sound has a slight 'twang' to it, these string vibrations are quickly dampened by the shock tubing provided, which is so much softer than the strings so as not to affect the trajectory and feel of the balls impacting on it. In any case, you'll be amazed that shots that were going just out are now dropping in and shots that were just catching the tape are now clearing it. See the illustrations below and get ready to put more fun in your game!

Bodenstrung Diagram image

Frequently Asked Questions

So how does the Bodenstrung stringing increase your control?

By making it easier to put spin on the ball:

In this stringing, the strings between the upper and lower shock tubing are only interwoven in the horizontal direction instead of the usual horizontal and vertical directions. Also, the shock tubing serves to anchor the main strings about the 3rd cross strings from the top and bottom and to space them from the cross strings in between. Thus, we effectively have 3 independent planes of strings: 2 outer planes formed by every other main string and an inner plane formed by the cross strings. So in response to a glancing ball, the main strings are free to move laterally essentially in tandem with respect to the cross strings, thus giving rise to much more spin on the ball.

How does the Bodenstrung reduce elbow shock?
Although the strings are desirably pulled at the same tension as in your conventionally strung racket, this 3-plane relationship persists for most of the time the ball is on the strings, because the ball is soft relative to the strings. So instead of the strings absorbing the ball impact all at once, they absorb it sequentially over the 3 planes, but giving the feeling of one smooth long hit. Thus, the ball response is more 'forgiving', which will be especially appreciated by those suffering from 'tennis elbow'. In conclusion, just try it; you'll like it!

LATEST TIP: Because this stringing favors control over power, no matter what type of shot (including dropshot) you are trying to hit, always swing the racket as fast as you can for best results - that is, don't push the ball as you may be inclined to do with today's conventional power stringing.

† Provided the International Tennis Federation inserts the wording in red below in their paragraph on the allowed stringing for tournament play. This wording would not allow the old spaghetti stinging.

...The hitting surface, defined as the main area of the stringing pattern bordered by the points of entry of the strings into the head or
points of contact of the strings with the head, whichever is the smaller, shall be flat and consist of a pattern of crossed strings, which shall be alternately interlaced or bonded where they cross,
for at least the area above and below the sweet zone - i.e., the area in which the ball can be hit with predictably good results. The stringing pattern must be generally uniform within the sweet zone and, in particular, not less dense in the centre than in any other area.
The racket shall be designed and strung such that the playing
characteristics are identical on both faces..

Shipping Information
To minimize the postage for most customers, all orders will be shipped via the U.S. Postal Service. In particular, for U.S. customers, all orders will be shipped via Priority Mail Parcel (except for those < 1 Lb, which will go by First Class Parcel). Insurance will be included when desired if available. For foreign customers, all orders will be shipped via First Class International Parcel. Insurance will be included when desired if available. No other extra postal services will be allowed.

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